Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

tools and technologies needed for android application development

nowadays, android has utterly overcome the mobile application market with giant range of software corporations are landing into your android application development. android is an open supply platform and this provides the mobile application developers an chance out to develop android based mostly comes for meeting user demands. it provides the developers free application tools and technologies in order that they will will produce custom android applications while not facing any complexity. android developer would like to possess expertise in java programming language. android scripting layer ( sl4a ) is made for writing applications in python, perl and different environments. latest versions of android sdk like android 3. zero or 4. zero provides api for adobe flash or adobe air technologies. so, provided chance for developers out to begin developing flash based mostly android applications. apart from this, android sdk provides the developers an environment for writing, testing and debugging android applications. as we recognize, eclipse ide may be a helpful resource in java programming and therefore the same it provides for android application development method. furthermore, it might be customized using adt ( android developer tool ) plug-in to assist developers enhancing the quality and quantity of android applications. it provides the developers an chance out to simply develop, debug and run the developed application. adt is equipped with android emulator that ensures that testing and debugging method will just be done smoothly and likewise helps the developers in simulating the features of os additionally as device upon their system. it provides them a very simulated device out to run and check the application while not having out to attach a real android device out to the pc. best android phones t mobile application development create use of android framework api but a plethora of c/c++ libraries. these libraries together with system libraries, database libraries like sqlite, graphic libraries like cgl and svgl, 3d libraries and other tools too. an android developer who will be proficient at developing an android application is permitted out to sell the application on android market and could even publicize it via website. android market may be a place created by google for distribution of android applications. applications are being created and uploaded out to the app store for futher distribution. a little over 2 lac have already been uploaded out to the android market. in terms of range of applications, it's second out to ios and really fast catching the popularity in mobile world. android platform isn't merely offered for mobile application development however it is additionally offered for tablets pcs. developers will currently freely produce the application for android mobiles additionally as for tablets.